Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The First Anya's Garden of Perfume Podcast - Perfumery Terms

Confused about chypre, ambergris, ylang ylang, absolute or concrete? Well, let my New York/Philly accented voice clue you in and I hope, help you out ;-) I originally recorded a version of this for my online perfumery course and I've seen over the years how often these terms are the subject of concern on my yahoo perfumery group, so have a listen - it's short and sweet ;-)

PS: Is this the first-ever perfumery podcast by a perfumer? I've searched and never found one. Let me know if you know of any, otherwise I'm laying claim to being the first perfumer to podcast. Beauty blogs where they pod about the latest perfume releases don't count, LOL.

Click below to play:


  1. I enjoyed the podcast. The revelation for me was not so much the pronunciation of the perfumery elements, but the pronunciation of your name, "Ann-ya," which I had been pronouncing "Ahn-ya" in my head! I feel better acquainted now, with name and voice and face all in concert.

  2. What a hoot! I love the Philly in your accent -- I never knew. Brings back a dear friend from Philly who I've lost touch with. And what a fun first cast. Very good, very nice and clear for folks, and excellent subject to kick off your casts. Rock on!


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