My Fairchild perfume as a food flavoring? Two perfumistas surprise me!

This is a graphic collage I created for the launch of Fairchild,
the first perfume in the Anya's Garden line.

The image is meant to show the wild and exuberant nature of the perfume, where citrus and powerful tropical flowers mix with seaweed and clamshells - yes, toasted clamshells. The levels of drydown are many - some joke over a dozen according to their nose. It's such a strong perfume I can only wear it at night, because if I wear it during the day I become woozy, it's that narcotic and demands that much of your attention.

Imagine my surprise when I checked back into the comments section on Perfume Shrine today and saw that both Helg of PS and Maria of the BitterGrace blog are asking I create some food that contains Fairchild. The blog topic was cooking with animal essences, so I suppose the ambergris, dosed generously in Fairchild, was the jumping-off point for the request.

It did get me to thinking - perhaps a drop in vodka? A drop in some honey? It would certainly be intoxicating and exciting to eat or drink. On such stimulus, from friends whom I hold in high regard as connoisseurs of scent and food, will I move forward. Fairchild chocolate!?.


  1. Glad you liked the suggestion :-)
    I think Fairchild is such an interesting, truly unusual scent that it should be paired with something that captures the same languid, "beachy" feel of the clamshells, not anything sweet: I am thinking some sort of alcoholic drink that would pair well with fishfood or chargrilled "cuts", such as eau de vie/grappa, or a sparkling white wine. Vodka is of course neutral enough to allow for the scent's bouquet to come through.
    Chocolate might also be a good idea, although it'd have to be something quite bitter and with a tinge of the salty (like the salty side of English taffies, know what I'm saying?); I am scratching my head on how this could be done, but it's food for thought.

    On the other hand I believe your Kaffir Lime is perfect for honey: a delicate citrusy tinge in a vat of honey made out of thyme blossoms, mmmm....

  2. Helg, you always take things in a sophisticated direction! Seeing as how I cannot drink straight vodka (or any other straight hard liquor for that matter, they just burn my tongue and overwhelm my olfactory bulbs) I will vote for the sparkling white wine, paired with wood grilled seafood.

    I did have a dark, semi-bitter chocolate in mind, much as the ones currently in vogue with salt sprinkles on top - sub the Fairchild!

  3. I am very late to this party, but I love the idea of an intoxicating Fairchild nectar. A drop in a very dry champagne would be exquisite, I think.

    A very bitter chocolate seems like a good medium, but what about the salty licorice that is so popular in Scandinavia? I think that would be a happy marriage.

    By the way, E's pairing of Kaffir Lime and honey sounds delicious!


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