Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Herbal Perfumed Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving always is the day when I give thanks for living in the subtropics because the weather has cooled down from steam bath to cool and breezy. It's also the real beginning of our growing season. This year I regret not getting tomatoes or veggies in the ground yet because I've been so busy, but my herbs are always booming at this time of year and ready to go into the holiday dishes.

I harvested bay leaf, sweet marjoram, oregano, lemon balm and lemongrass today, and I just love the slight fragrance they leave on my fingers throughout the day. The meal is in various stages of preparation, and I'm feeling very relaxed, fulfilled and happy. What more could you ask for on a Thanksgiving day? I'm thankful for everything in my life, it's all wonderful and prosperous.

I'm especially thankful for natural perfumery, because the gorgeous botanical essences compliment a meal, and a gathering of people because of their understated scent - you won't have to "smell/taste" the perfume of the person next to you if they're wearing a natural perfume.

The connection of growing herbs and other scented plants is very much tied in with the philosophy and ethos of natural botanical perfume. My garden is an extension of my art, and there is a seamless connection between it all. Just the other day someone looked at me and said "I'll bet you never move from this house." I have plans to move to Austin Texas but between the housing market and my mother's increasing frailty, those plans have been put on hold. I always hope that I'll make the move, and part of my plan is that the house would have a huge solarium/passive heating greenhouse attached. It is becoming more apparent as the years pass that I truly crave and need to have fragrant plants growing around me all year long.

Something to really evaluate as I ponder the move.

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