Friday, October 17, 2008

Patchouli Panties

Photo of patchouli plant in Anya's Garden

This is an genderless post, men and women can play patchouli panties/bras/undies/boxers/tighty whities!

I've written here before I don't use scented laundry detergent. Think it's unnecessary, plus I try to keep my nose as "clean" as possible from extraneous scents.

I keep large folded stacks of cotton washcloths in my bathroom for drying hands. Very sanitary, better than towels.

About 10 days ago I had a patchouli spill in my perfumery studio. It was minor (thank goodness, with the price of patchouli, and this was gorgeous aged patchouli) and the spill tray caught it. After I poured the bulk of it back into the bottle, I grabbed one of the washcloths (had it nearby for a reason I forget now) splashed some alcohol on it, and wiped the tray clean. Even though only a teaspoon or so, the cloth reeked. Strong stuff. Tossed it into the hamper. Forgot about it.

I wash my undies and washcloths together.

Opened the garage door to get them from the washer and thought "why does it smell like patchouli in here?"

Of course, I had forgotten about the patchouli spill.

Oddly, when I put the damp laundry into the dryer, I didn't detect the scent.

When I folded the laundry I "got it."

Garage smelled like patchouli for two days.

The scent is so light and delicate - it's beautiful.

On my underthings it's practically undetectable.

But - when I dampen a washcloth to wash my face - gorgeous!

I have about 50 washcloths, so I'll be enjoying this for some time.


  1. What a beautiful accident! Would that such things would happen to me...

    I have tagged you, dear. I hope it is not too much -- please see my post about it. Olfactarama got me, and she was tagged by Helg...

  2. Too funny, and good thing it wasn't civet! Or worse an oil you're sensitized to...that would get expensive to replace.


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