Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Depth and Breadth of Resources on Learning Perfumery at Anya's Garden Online Course

I have been reviewing and updating the Online Perfumery Course website in anticipation of the new semester starting October 6th. You can read more in-depth about what is offered at my perfume website.

The realization that what you'll find on the perfume site is probably one of the most professional, comprehensive offerings in studying perfumery is very evident when you click on the syllabus and/or visit the blog site for the course. The effort of the past 16 months of site-building for content is reflected in the extensive amount of learning materials on the website. I have to say it's full of amazing resources!

Lectures: The new student body will find five lectures available for the first Module, just to get them oriented. There's also a pronunciation lecture to help folks know their ylang from their chypre ;-) Each Module is accompanied by at least one recorded lecture, some have more.

Primer: The Primer for the course was edited by an aromatherapist who is also a paralegal and was provided via email to the students when the revision was completed in February. The Natural Perfumery Primer offers just a tiny taste of what is delved into in depth on the website. The Primer lays the foundation for detailed and demanding experiential exercises in learning perfumery.

Module Content: Every month the students enjoy new and exciting Checklist, Objectives and Assignments.

Books and Articles: Over the years, I have collected dozens of antiquarian perfumery and toiletry books and articles in PDF format, and they're available for the students online. Additionally, links to sites of interest and to expand their learning process are included.

Daily Interaction: The Yahoo groups I maintain for private student/teacher interaction are usually busy. We meet there for live chats, and that's also where guest perfume industry professionals have joined us for discussions.

Aromatics Kit: The students have commented that the kit contains some of the most glorious-smelling natural aromatics that they have ever experienced. I will be selling them independently of the course within a month or so.

I've neglected this blog for a few weeks as I have been readying the site and supplemental materials for the new students. I hope to return to more frequent blogging soon - perhaps to chat about the 21 modifications for Starflower, the gorgeous gourmand perfume that I'm working on. It's built around "tasty tuberose" and takes a sweet flight of fancy with a natural isolate I adore! Later, take care....Anya

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