Not perfume, just fun and had to share - Lulu the Lulupalooza kitty

I submitted this photo to the famous LOLCats site, I can has cheezburger, and it's in the queue, but I just wanted to share it with y'all in a rare non-perfumed post. Lulu is the apple of my eye, the most amazing sweet crazy kitty ever. She'll be four on Sept. 1st, and she still does the mountain goat act of leaping to the top of the door/bookcase/armoire.


  1. she must be distantly related to my george, aka monkey boy. he climbs trees to the tippy top then leaps from one tree to the other. the most fearless climber i have ever known. hugs to lulu! - minette

  2. Hi Minette
    Yes, a monkey boy could be her relative! Her new trick is to get on top of my mother's armoire and "bounce" the door open and closed with her paw. Usually at 3 a.m.


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