Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bob Marley's Mother, Cedella has passed

This photo was taken at the press party for the 10th Annual Bob Marley Caribbean Music Festival. It was the last year I worked as the PR person for the event, as perfumery business took more and more of my time. You can read more about Mother B here on Myspace I wish I knew how to work Myspace to leave a message, but I don't so I'll write here. Mother B was like a second mother to me and probably thousands of others. She spread her joy and wisdom and kindness to every soul she met, and she will be sorely missed. As I call friends today to tell them the news, and even as I told my own mother, I choked up and couldn't speak.

I put a page up 10 years ago that hosts a photo I took of Mother B the night I met her in 1996. It remains one of my favorite photos of her, regal on her birthday throne, radiating her love out.

Peace and joy and rest Mother B, now you are in Zion with Bob and Anthony.


  1. I am so soory for this loss :(

    PS hope you got my mail

  2. Hi Helg:
    I had another loss today, my cat Pokey had to be put to sleep, so it's been a rough week. I am glad both Mother B and Pokey are at peace, they had big suffering due to health problems for a long time.

    My hi-speed internet was down for four days, and my email got all messed up with the dialup, but yes, I did get, and greatly enjoyed, your email.

  3. Oh dear, not that too...Losing pets is rough. My sympathies.

    At least I am glad you enjoyed the mail (because you sure made me enjoy your entry!)


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