Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Perfume Inside a Poem - Transport

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My entry in the Memory and Desire project was posted last night. I'll wait a few days to see the comments and answer them here, as that forum is just for reader comments, not perfumer-answers-the-readers comments. Thanks so much to Heather, she's a peach for all the effort and intellect she put into this monumental Internet project.

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  1. Thank YOU, Anya! Your engagement in this project went way beyond my expectations.

    I've been wondering why none of the perfumers have been responding to comments on the site. I think maybe it's because the vast majority of those who have been featured thus far are not bloggers or regular "perfume blog contributors" and so they may simply have elected to remain silent rather than open a can of neverending worms. Which I totally understand.


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