Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's Always Fun to Win!

It was a great surprise to find out this morning that I won something yesterday, the first day of the new year. Here's what I posted on my Yahoo group, and please note the contest I've now posted there is only open to members of that group:
I'm not like many other perfumers -- I do not sample, or keep up with what's on the market. As an artist, I like to create for my own muse. I do get to sample the lovely perfumes of the Guild members, because they send them to me for the Guild Scent Library.

Marina, of the great blog Perfume Smellin' Things recently had a drawing for eight of her special favorites of the past year, and I won, picked at random out of 112 entries! I used to win stuff all the time when I entered contents, and I haven't for a while (entered contests, that is), so I'm going to start again. Stuff I've won in the past: An Apple Ibook, a trip out of town to an away game with the Tampa Buccaneers, lots of electronics, and yes, some perfume and stuff I can't remember. I just felt the urge to see what 8 of her favs of 2007 smelled like, and I was blessed with my name being picked.

Mandy's Tango is in the win -- so that makes it doubly nice!

From the site: The winner, randomly chosen, will receive small vials of Jubilation 25, Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia, Tango, Chanel No 18, 31 Rue Cambon, Silver Factory, Bois de Copaiba and Black Orchid Voile de Fleur.

I found the announcement of my win by accident early this morning. As fate would have it, I was reading the great story of my friend and customer Ida, and how a perfumer honored her by creating a perfume that is "her". I'm sure she's way more "over the moon" than me by her "win" - being singled out by the perfumer as a perfumista worthy of a signature scent, but my little win got my toes tapping :-) , especially since I was in such a good mood reading her good fortune/surprise, and then, up pops my name. Whee!

A Great start to 2008!

And to "Pay it forward" -- I'll send a set of samples of my perfumes, including Temple, which is not available in sample size - to any of the group member who posts here just a sentence or two about why they love/need/appreciate this group. This contest will close on Sunday, the 7th, and the winner will be picked randomly.

Update: Wow, I'm butterfingers lately, lol. I posted this five times. I'm not *that* excited by the win, but I guess I'm just in a big old rush lately. And for Maureen, who found the *funniest!* typo on my year-end round up, darlin', you won yourself a set of samples of my perfumes, plus a nice vial of ruh kewda, the rarest of the rare. Lube, dube, wube, hube, tube, ha ha ha public, mublic, wublic, etc. - oh, and I added some more snarks to the 2007 page, encrypted ones, too, no typos there! And I've remembered to add the labels for this post. The good, the bad, the weird


  1. Lovely to read of your excitement!

  2. Thanks for your excitement about my excitement, Leopolod ;-)


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