Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Anya's Garden Announcement - Kaffir and Temple Perfumes to Launch November 1, 2007 and Anya's Choice Store Reopens

Kaffir, a unique and groundbreaking perfume from Anya's Garden, truly is from Anya's Garden - in Miami Shores, Florida, USA.

Kaffir Lime leaf, also called Thai Lime Leaf, is used in Asian cooking for the unusual, exciting, penetrating flavor it imparts. The petitgrain oil also imparts an aldehydic kick, and Kaffir the perfume honors and exalts that sensual experience. No other citrus comes close to the odor impact of kaffir, which I call the King of Citrus.

There is a story of delight, destruction and rebirth behind the kaffir tree of my home garden. Nine citrus trees were planted - and ripped out - of my garden. I planted them when I moved in, but the State of Florida, in a misguided attempt to stop the spread of a non-threatening citrus disease, cut down over 1,000,000 citrus trees, including my kaffir tree. However, my kaffir was the only one to resprout from the roots, and I was the beneficiary of the illegal harvest. Since then, the State of Florida has terminated the cutting down the the trees, and I have not replanted anymore, due to fear of another "ban".

My Kaffir perfume contains both the oil of the leaves and even more rare, the extract of the fruit, which is used in Ayurvedic beauty items. I extracted the fruit rind oil myself for this perfume.

Kaffir contains notes of many of the plants that grow in my garden -especially my rare jasmines. I grow eight different jasmines, from J. officinale and a related variety Flore Plena, through all the J. Samacs, including Grand Duke of Tuscany, Maid of Orleans, Belle of India, Belle of India longipetala, and "night blooming jasmine" and "orange jasmine". I have carefully harvested and extracted the unique and lovely scents of these jasmines which are not available to the trade, since they are so rare and hard to grow. Here, in Kaffir , they find a home. Vanilla, agarwood, galbanum and tarragon round out the sparkly perfume, which starts out fresh and aldehydic, and gently turns floral, then woody and settles into a rich, leathery dryout, a true surprise for a citrus perfume!

Temple is for the quiet, inward spirit that yearns to enter the daily hustle and bustle. The sweet and candied Orange Essence Oil - made by distilling Orange juice - plays with spicy cardamom to awaken the senses. Siam benzoin, ambrette seed tincture, aglaia flower, borneol crystals, rare and precious Chinese herbs and spices including cassia envelop and strengthen. The Oud base gently supports and connects the wearer to the deeper core that gives balance.

My online store, Anya's Choice, was closed for two months as I prepared the online website and finalized details for the class I am teaching - click here to read more about it. To celebrate the reopening of the store, you can get a 10% discount by typing in the voucher code "natural" (without the quotes) and hitting recalculate at checkout. This offer good until November 15, 2007. Click here to visit Anya's Choice Store, where you will find my perfumes, and some of the most beautiful raw materials for the hobbyist or beginner perfumer, including Rose de Mai from Grasse, Jasmine grandiflorum from Grasse, outrageously rare and exciting Pandanus EO, Hyacinth absolute, Atlas Cedarwood, Vanilla planifolia absolute and more.


  1. can't wait to smell your new perfumes. Your blog is looking really good by the way. I really really love the new 'rainbow' lotus blossom design logo and the lovely shade of pink, I want to eat it, it looks yummy! I must say the new perfumes were a surprise, I used to wonder how you managed to find the time to sleep with the class and the Guild and the group and all the other stuff, and then you go and release two new perfumes.

  2. These sound wonderful !
    Can't wait to try them...

  3. Thanks, Ruth, I'm going to work on all the branding in the next month, wish me luck!

    Perfumes are always at the forefront of my consciousness, and the other stuff comes secondary, actually. Accords, tweaking, constantly refining and then surprise!

  4. Chaya, bubbe -- thank you for the confidence. I think a citrusy leather perfume is perfect for you -- we shall see!


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