Friday, September 28, 2007

Natural Perfumers Guild is Honored to Announce Author Celia Lyttelton is an Associate Member

Yes, this is the second time this week this image has appeared on this blog.

When I blogged a few days ago on the wonderful book The Scent Trail that I had discovered, little did I imagine that within a few days the author Celia Lyttelton would join the Guild as an Associate member. I'm not even finished the book yet -- only up to p. 185, deep into the world of saffron imagery she so beautifully conveys in her visit to India. We just left nutmeg in Sri Lanka, this is a whirlwind trip!

In a world that sometimes gifts you with synchronous fun moments, a friend who is on my Natural Perfumery group revealed to me that she is close friends with Celia, and in fact, they will be giving an talk together in late October. Well, quick emails were exchanged, and here we are, a gifted writer on natural aromatics is in the folds of the Guild.

If you're reading this blog, you're interested in natural perfumery -- go get the book. You'll love it!


  1. I have ordered the book. I was travelling in middle East in the same years, actually I was in Yemen in 81, and I hope that the evocative power of Celia will flash me back to these years of adventures.

  2. Hi Salaam
    in '81 I was the acquaintance of a City Planner from Saana who came to the grad school I attended to take courses. He and his wife wanted me to travel there to experience their culture as their guest, but alas, I never got the chance.

    Celia's adventure was so complete and in-depth, it was a pleasure to read. I'd like to hear more of your memories.

  3. There is some "Taif rose" mentioned in Celia Lyttelton book? as I knew. But what is it?
    The Soqotrans say "taif" or "tayf" for aloe in their unique language.


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