Thursday, July 05, 2007

Just a Taste of Anya's Choice

Just a taste of what I've been up to: I started selling exotic, and some not-so-exotic, but absolutely knock-out beautiful,exceptional raw materials on my website here.
The hyacinth absolute is already sold out, but more is expected soon. Lush narcissus poeticus absolute is also sold out, both due in the end of July. Rose de Mai absolute is on the way, a non-CITES agarwood is for sale - it smells like a very posh leather good boutique, all freshly-sawn wood and buttery, fragrant leather. Vanilla absolute to die for! Heck, I'm even parting with some of my double-infused St. John's Wort oil, an incredible ruby red jewel of an oil for what ails ya. My perfumes have had a slight price reduction after the big June sale, and it's permanent.

All of the pure essential oils are suitable for aromatherapy use. I also term these rare essential oils because of the exceptional aroma quality of them. Absolutely knockout in strength and clarity of scent.

My most obvious reason for my absence here from weighty and even frivolous posts: preparing 18 hours a day for the Basic Natural Perfumery Course I'll be teaching online in September or October. I am planning for the perfumery class to be informative, exciting, global and the basis of a great foundation for someone to continue studies in natural perfumery.More about that here.

The hammock over the ocean is a dream. Perhaps in October!


  1. O boy, when I replenish my coffers, I will come calling. Your descriptions have been mouth watering and inspiring greed of great proportions...

  2. Oh, Lucy, my wallet got so flat so long ago with my addiction to these gorgeous essences. You better not check out my latest post on pandanus, it will drive you wild - as it does me!

    In the meantime, you can go to an Indian grocery this weekend and get some inexpensive keora or kewda water to get a hint of what the oil is. Fabulous!


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