Anya's Garden Sale - Thank You + Anniversary

It is my pleasure to announce the first-ever sale on the perfumes of Anya's Garden. The sale is in celebration of three happy events: the six-month anniversary of the launch of Anya's Garden, and the wonderful success of the perfumes, which are lovingly reviewed on forums such as Perfume of Life, MakeUpAlley and others, and the appreciative notes from customers, who write to say how the perfumes create a mood, bring back a memory of a warm summery place, or as in the case of Fairchild, take them to an intoxicating salty, flowery shore in the tropics.

This is what a perfumer aims for, at least I do. Not just to create a pretty or exotic fragrance, but to create one that evokes a soulful response, or in the case of Pan, as it has been reported, a real pheromonal response from men. Pan is a hit with the ladies who do not mind a slightly masculine scent, and among gay men, where it is a cult favorite.

The ladies say the men flock around them, or give them appreciative stares in public, and well, - the men say the same! LOL. The laws of attraction do apply with Pan, that randy, fun-loving sexy man among goats ;-)

Another reason for cake, champagne and beautiful natural perfumes dabbed on: The one-year anniversary of the reopening of the Artisan Natural Perfumers Guild, which now lists 85 perfumers, suppliers, associates and enthusiasts among its members.

AND - yet another reason to celebrate -- the upcoming five-year anniversary of the booming, chatty, fun and educational natural perfumery group I host on Yahoo -- we're now 1200+ strong, all nurturing hobbies and careers as natural perfumers in a like-minded community.

This sale is the first in a series of events that are going to take place over the next few months, all intertwined: a new logo and name for the Artisan Natural Perfumers Guild (dropping the Artisan, as it's a bit too unwieldy); new websites for the Guild and for; I'm now consulting via telephone and Skype with perfumers; I'll be releasing two new perfumes this summer; and, I'll be offering the first-ever perfumery classes over the internet starting in September 2007. Although geared for natural perfumers, anyone interested in blending basics can sign up. It's all very exciting, and a very creative and productive time. Whew! ;-)


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