Tuesday, February 13, 2007

UPDATE Feb. 15, 2007 Cropwatch v. IFRA 40th Amendment Poll Reopened -- no, actually, it's been closed unceremoniously

POLL CLOSED AGAIN. No explanation, no links left. So, the following post is moot, but the situation is interesting.

Perfumer and Flavorist magazine has decided to extend the poll by reopening it for votes. The new deadline is March 5th. You can read the editor's letter about this at: http://www.perfumerflavorist.com/news/5761601.html
At first I thought the original poll was going to be tossed out for the new one, but the editor assured me today that the results are being carried over. You can't vote this time if you voted previously, which is not spelled out on the website, so if you have already voted, and care about the issue, circulate this information to other interested folks. You have to go to the main page to vote.

Anyway the new results go, it looks good for Tony and Cropwatch http://cropwatch.org

David (Cropwatch) is really nipping at Goliath's (IFRA/EU) heel, and them not accepting the results of this unscientific (Allured's words) casual poll because it went bad for them, shows a bit of their tactics. So be it.

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