Wednesday, September 13, 2006

And a new day will dawn for those who stand long. And the forest will echo with laughter.

(Please see update at the end of this post re: Frontrunner.)
Helg's Perfume Shrine blog is featuring reviews of my perfumes, and her writing is putting me on cloud nine. Already reviewed this week, Fairchild is joined today by a review of Pan that cracked me up, replete with a quote from Led Zeppelin. Helg will review Riverside next. I'm stunned by her writing ability, as you will be if you look back through all her blog's entries. It is gratifying for a perfumer when a stranger on the other side of the globe (Greece) conjures up visions and words that make the fragrance come to life via words. Now if only the New York Times knew of Helg!

The lovely blond-haired goat that had the hair around his horns snipped for Pan is named Frontrunner and he lives contentedly on a farm in British Columbia where he keeps a lot of lady goats happy so they produce an abundance of milk for Tracy's Goat Milk Skin Care products at the Natures Natural Solutions farm (that's what I call it). So now you know the name of the star of the perfume -- Frontrunner.
UPDATE: A photo of Frontrunner at eight months of age, chewing his cud. He's the white goat staring the camera, I guess his buddy is shy ;-) Frontrunner is now about three years old, and his place in perfumery legend is set. Love that this photo has him standing at the edge of a forest!


  1. You absolutely ought to have a portrait of him somewhere in your packaging or materials, he is very handsome! I love goats.
    Congratulations on the insightful reviews. Maks sense, I think your fragrances are very right for Greece, the weather, the nature, the animals, the ruins, I can imagine they would be the right thing to wear there...

  2. I LOVE your goats-
    Perhaps one day, I will get to sniff Pan in all its goaty glory...

  3. Lucy -- I only hope the owner has a camera at hand when Frontfunner gets the first sniff of Pan -- I would love that picture! Helg, who lives in Athens, reviewed Pan:

    Chaya -- Pan will delight your nose, I'm sure


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