Anya's Garden/Anya's Garden

There is another Anya's Garden. It exists as a reading assignment in California schools, and reportedly comes from an old Indian folktale. I found it last year when I was googling the term Anya's Garden in anticipation of registering my website. It's a sweet little tale, made modern by the CA teachers and their pragmatic worksheet, which gives me a good laugh.
Edited to add: If you click on the boldened phrase Anya's Garden in the first sentence you will be transferred to that site. I don't know how to make links more noticable with this template.


  1. Hi, love the blog and the wonderful illustrations and the pieces you have done yourself especially.
    Looking forward to more.
    This posting is very like an invitation to travel in the imagination...

  2. Thank you, Luccia, I am finding I am more and more pulled into the visual representation of the perfumes, also, and if you read my latest post, it's a bit of time the imagination and real life.


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