Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Everything I do is Illegal" - relevant for food producers, perfumers, bath and body businesses and many other microbusinesses

With some chat going on following my blog yesterday quoting article showing the problems with government regulation in microbusinesses, especially businesses that produce items for our body, whether they be perfume, food, herbal medicine and the like, this great article Everything I Do is Illegal was sent to a busy herb list I'm on. He's a food producer - meat products, to be exact - and he's an intelligent voice calling for some common sense. Our country has turned into a corporate- and industrial- business machine, and the small businesses are being regulated out of business.

Regarding the post yesterday, the most chat is going on in the herb list. Herbalists are traditionally plant gatherers and processors. They're also traditionally a bit apart from mainstream society, aside from those who have grown their businesses into huge corporations, such as the ones mentioned in the Cruel Stepmother and Good Father Who Will Not See article. Many of us are familiar with them, and are happy that they have brought the healing power of herbs to the general public, but we can also wonder what their success means to the little herb company trying to comply with the GMP regs that are unfriendly to small businesses.

Microbusinesses must be allowed to exist and prosper in our country. The herbalists are happy that they feel they can find ways to fly under the radar of the FDA. But I ask should they be forced to go underground, become outlaws in a sense? What's wrong with warning labels? What's wrong with concessions for microbusinesses?

If "fight" is too strong a word for some who may think that capitulating to legislator's whims and the FDA's edicts, I disagree. This country was formed on the notion of fighting for our rights. Don't let the cooing sounds of some fool you - you must fight.

So what does fighting mean? It doesn't mean attacking your legislator verbally, of course it doesn't! It means putting some backbone in yourself, getting off your rear end and going to work for the cause - rolling back regulations and working to get microbusiness-friendly regs in place.


  1. I'm so glad you're bringing this up. Some of the Indie leaders fought the good fight for the Globalization Act of 2008 but the fight is far from being over for us Indies. If we don't stand up for our own business, no one else will - I guarantee it.

  2. The link to the article doesn't work :(

  3. Sonsa, there are so many things undone or well, the words escape me. It needs to be a bigger movement of folks who will stand up to the FDA and legislators, who understand the need to join with the foodies, etc.

  4. Judith - fixed. The link and coding gremlins were really on me today. I think it's just because I was doing too much multi-tasking!

  5. Hey Anya,

    You've not posted anything about this in awhile. It sounds like you're passionate about finding solutions for small artisans and I'd love to know what's transpiring and any other info about folks/organizations joining forces to work this out. Please feel free to email me directly.


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