Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Evil Stepmother and the Father Who Will Not See - the FDA/GMP is out to perpetuate the eternal scenario

As many of you know, I have fought for years against the creeping corporate takeover of indie and microbusinesses. Just search on this blog for IFRA, EU, FDA Globalization Act and government. The future of our businesses is in immediate danger. I am horrified that several organizations that represent indie and microbusinesses are in lockstep with the FDA and tweeting and blogging about their 'victories" with legislators, either blinded or too blind to see the horrible demise in store for our businesses - they should be fighting the FDA, not kowtowing to it, giddy with "making progress". They're not, they're being fooled.

Please everyone - don't be the frog in the pot of cool water who never feels the heat being turned up until it is too late and he's cooked.

Read this following speech, given at the International Herb Symposium by Stephen Buhner and pass it around, and more importantly, ask those who are all puffed up and happy that the FDA and legislative lackeys of the corporate world that seeks to destroy our businesses why they don't see this coming:


  1. Interesting post, Anya. You say they “should be fighting the FDA.” Exactly what do you mean by that? What should the “fighting” position be exactly?

  2. Great post, isn't it? They really dig deep into the human psyche and how the dangers are there, but unseen and unacted upon.

    Since you're an attorney, you obviously know much more than me about fighting the FDA's stance on GMP. I remember posting about how probably most of the microbusinesses in the USA violate the edict that says at least two employees must be present when batches are mixed.

    Microbusinesses are often one-person operations.

    Addressing that and trying to have that two-person requirement would be a start.

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  4. Reword the last sentence to read: Addressing that and trying to have that two-person requirement *changed* would be a start.

  5. Wrote more about the good fight today. Fighting injustice and rebelling against tyranny were the founding principles of this country.

    I worry about the indie and micro businesses that will wind up in a fight over Sec. 5d (among many others) of the GMPs currently in place

    not to mention the horrors coming in the near future to further regulate and put them/us out of business.


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