Thursday, May 10, 2012

Natural Perfumery Institute - new logo and textbook edit

The New Logo for The Natural Perfumery Institute

I found a delightful graphic designer to work with, and she quickly helped me make my vision for the rebranding logo for what was formerly Anya's Garden Natural Perfumery Institute into the Natural Perfumery Institute.  The website will also go a redesign, a minor one, incorporating the logo.

I'll use the word delightful again to describe my Consulting Editor Andrine Olson because she is a delight to work with as we go through the textbook for its fourth edition.  We found some minor typos this time around, and we are clearing up some language to make the book even more student-friendly.  Andrine worked for major corporations as a technical editor, and also taught courses to engineers, many of who did not speak English as a first language.  She brought those talents to my textbook, and in going over it, page by page, I was stunned, once again, at the clarity and depth and breadth of the educational value of Basic Natural Perfumery.  Both the home study and online students receive the same book and supplemental charts, forms and other recording materials.

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