Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Natural Perfumers Guild is pleased to announce new and renewing members for June, 2011

It's been a very busy summer, between celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Natural Perfumers Guild on June 1st with a group blogging event, and now welcoming all the new members! We're also very happy at all of the renewing members, the professional perfumers, the associates, the suppliers and the friends.

With a strong history of defending our business rights in the face of restrictive legislation, promoting the Guild members on various media, and moving forward as the only trade association devoted to real natural aromatics, the Guild is now a magnet for both established companies and non-commercial devotees of pure and natural fragrance products.

In the true spirit of the Medieval Guilds, the enhancement of professional products by peer evaluation and the protection of our rights to have standards for our businesses and to defend them, the Natural Perfumers Guild is staying the true course of the Guild concept.

In the past, we had an apprentice program, and we may revive it this Fall, 2011. In the meantime, please join us in celebrating the new and renewing members of June 2011, and please visit our website to find the links to their businesses

Guild members - please remember to visit our login page to discover the discounts offered to you by other members. These discounts often cover your membership fee, making it a win-win situation for everyone!


Amber Naturals Perfume – Les powell
Holistic Body Therapy – Andrea Shanti
Opalescent Perfumes – Chris Schaefer
Tallulah Jane – Eleanor Nuttall
Fiona Ky - pending

Renewing Perfumers

A Perfume Organic – Amanda Walker
Ecco Bella – Sally Malanga
JoAnne Bassett Perfumes – JoAnne Bassett
Lord’s Jester – Adam Gottschalk

New Associates

Dr. Murray Hunter - Essential oil expert and author
Belles-d-Aailleurs - Luxury natural soaps and body care - Mara Wolford
Dindi Naturals - Soaps and Natural Body Care - Pip Guyatt
Tamisium Extractors – High Performance Butane Extractors – David McGhee

Renewing Associates

Anne Andenaes Aromatherapy
Aromahead – Andrea Butje
AV-AT – John Crosky
Essentially Me Canada – Nigel Strike

New Friends

Bruce Bolmes
Frances Hawker
Linda Hudock
Alix Pitula
Michael Singels
Angelika Weigand
Maggie MacMillan
Kellie Bright

Renewing Friends

Deborah Weber
Aba Sey
Lisa Coburn

Giorgia Tsiokanis

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