Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Contest: Fresh ginger, fresh ginger, wherefort art thou fresh ginger?

Can you help me?  I need two things from my readers. There will be a freebie gift for two helpful souls who reply, one for each subject.

First:  Back in late 2006, I stumbled across *fresh* ginger root essential oil at liberty natural.  There were two - one from Madagascar, one from Indonesia.  I immediately told my perfumery friends about it, and I used the fresh version in the kits for my students.  Why the excitement?

Fresh grated ginger - zest, fresh, hot, spicy fragrance
Previously, the only ginger root oil available was from the peeled, sun-dried roots, and it was a middle note for perfumery.  It had a mellow, soft fragrance, much like the dried ginger powder you get for baking purposes.  This fresh ginger, on the other hand, smelled just like the fresh cut or grated root!  Hot, spicy, wet, luscious, and a top note!

I've used the aged, dried ginger EO, because it is valuable in perfumery and for food and drink purposes, but its soft character was just that, soft, comfortable, warm.
Peeled, aged, dried ginger root being packaged in India.
So imagine my surprise when I purchased a sample of some (fresh) ginger oil from the original supplier, in anticipation of the launch of my food and drink line.  It was the dried, aged oil.  I checked some stock I had purchased, unsampled, from a trusted supplier in anticipation of my student's kits and my food and drink project, and again, the aged, dried oil. I then sampled from another supplier, it was fresh!  I ordered bulk quantity, and the aged, dried arrived.  (I'll be on the phone with them this afternoon).

So, anyone who can help me source the fresh ginger EO will win three samples of my perfume, their choice of fragrance, or one four milliliter bottle of one of my food and drink oils.  The line won't launch until next month.  I'm keeping the list of oils private until then, but I'll let the winner know the list, so they can make a choice. :-)

Second:  I now am going to sell the aged, dried oil as part of my food and drink line.  I use it in drinks and baked goods, where it imparts a lovely level of flavor.  If I'm going to call the fresh ginger well, fresh, so what should I call the traditional ginger oil?  I've mentioned the word mellow to describe it, but I'm hoping somebody can come up with another name for me to consider.  This will really help me, readers, I need your input.

Same prize as the First question - perfumes or food and drink oil of your choice.

Note: all the oils in my food and drink line are usable in perfumery, and they come from my own perfumery stock.  

You must reply here to be in the drawing, and the drawing will be held Saturday, April 2, 2011.

Thanks in advance for helping me!


  1. Seems more of a "zen" or "mature" quality to me.

    What a fabulously exciting thing you have there!

  2. Phoo I forgot to suggest, obtaining fresh ginger roots, and drowning them in oil, grated. It might work in a pinch, especially if you can't source anything right now.

  3. Alas, I am of no help with the source.

    My best guesses on the adjective for the old ginger are either "classic ginger" or "seasoned ginger," with the second one getting my nod for its foodie association.

    Best of luck sorting your spice situation out.

  4. Michele Foulger3/29/2011 2:26 PM

    How about vintage ginger? I love reading about all your perfumes.

  5. I could see the two as
    "fresh ginger" vs. "aged ginger"
    "zesty ginger" vs. "mild ginger"

  6. I received some of the fresh ginger from Liberty Natural and was just head over heels for that hot zing. The only other place I've been able to get similar quality is through From Nature With Love. Their fresh ginder also had that same zing. I hope this works out for you.

  7. I just checked and Anatolian Treasures has fresh organic ginger eo from Madagascar.

    As for q # 2, what about "traditional ginger"? I also like "classic ginger" or simply "aged ginger" as previously suggested.

  8. Hi Anya,

    Have you checked Essential Oil University? They have a fresh ginger being offered from Sri Lanka. I know their products can be really hit or miss, but I smelled a really lovely ginger from them a year ago or so.

    As for naming the dry ginger, I have seen antique used for the aged oils. If you are thinking of keeping dried in the name, I think Sun-Dried Ginger sounds a little nicer. I use dried ginger root primarily in baking, so Baking Ginger isn't bad either, but maybe a little limiting. Maybe even Traditional Ginger.

    Best of luck with the ginger persuits!


  9. 1) Sourcing the the Fresh Ginger. can you use a C02 extraction? That's the only one I've found that has the fresh ginger scent you describe. I get mine from New Directions Aromatics here in Canada. I don't know anything about using Co2 EO's in food though.
    2) As for the two types of Ginger. Here are some words. Fresh/Mellow, Clean/Woody
    Sharp/Soft, Zingy/Warm, New/ Old, Bright/ Dark,
    Can't wait for your new line!

  10. Hi Anya -- Anatolian Treasures, in Tennessee, appears to have fresh ginger EO. I've ordered from them and been happy. The URL is http://www.av-at.com/prices.html#G (for the "G" page. Hope this helps.

  11. Another thought - how about "Sun-dried ginger"?

  12. Thanks Amanda, for the name suggestions. Grating in oil won't work. If it were just for my perfumery, I might do that in 190 alcohol, but this is for culinary and drink purposes, so I need the EO.

  13. Thanks, Samberg, you're in the drawing for your name suggestions.

  14. Michelle, vintage ginger is very nice!

  15. Amy H, your suggestions are clear and descriptive.

  16. Anonymous, you can't be in the drawing unless you leave your name. What if I get three anonymous posts from different folks?

    Thanks for the liberty nod. That's where I originally got my fresh ginger, the Indonesian. Their current Indonesian is quite the aged type. I have a sample of their Madagascar ginger coming. Is that the one you have? When was it purchased?

  17. Hi, Anya~
    I like aged, and classic, but what about simply "warm" ginger or "mellow"ginger ? Both, I find describe how they smell but also what they "do" (mid note vs. topnote). Anyway, hope that helps you! I got my last batch of fresh ginger eo from liberty as well... so I am no help, sadly, for sourcing. I'm so sorry to hear about the switcha-roo :-/
    ox, Dawn

  18. Poppy, av-at got theirs in May 2010, and it's *not* the fresh, I have some :-( Thanks for the name suggestions!

  19. Thanks, Michael, for the EOU suggestion. I don't know if they sell samples, and I don't need any more aged/antique/vintage at this time, LOL. Thanks for the name suggestions, too.

  20. Thanks for the name suggestions, Noelle. I'm a little wary of NDA, and not sourcing it as a CO2 at this time.

  21. Olfacta, I have their fresh ginger, and it's now what I'm looking for. The hunt is on!

  22. Thanks for the name suggestions and sympathy, Dawn ;-)

  23. John Steele has a couple of fresh ginger eo's that he sells through The Perfumer's Apprentice. The one from Nigeria, pricey as it is, sounds amazing: http://shop.perfumersapprentice.com/p-6474-ginger-fresh-nigeria-jsteele.aspx

    Perhaps you could contact him for producer information?

  24. You could refer to the dried ginger as "concentrated" or "condensed".

  25. Soft and Rich ginger
    or maybe
    Soft and sweet fragrant ginger?

  26. I can't help with the first question, but for the second one, I would suggest "suave ginger". I know it doesn't mean exactly the same in English than in Spanish, but I like how it sounds.
    Other people have told better adjectives, I know, but I wanted to add something different :)

  27. Thanks, Poppy, I'll contact Linda at PA for a sample.

  28. Thanks Felicia, Isa and Sindy. The names are duly noted ;-)

  29. Hi Anya,
    Mandy Aftel sells a fresh ginger on her Chef's Essence page that can be used in perfume as well. Hope that helps,

  30. For your dried ginger EO description, how about: 'Burnished Ginger', or 'Unctuous Ginger', or 'Velvet Ginger'? Thank for the opportunity to help.

  31. I also like the name "Traditional Ginger" - I think most people will think of it as "not the *fresh* one" ...
    Laura xo

  32. Hi Laura:

    I'm looking for quantity, so Mandy's bottles won't work. I'm happy to share that I turned Mandy on to fresh ginger in 2006/2007. She's one of the first I called to share the news - that there was a zingy, fresh ginger available. Love the stuff!

  33. Thanks, Laura and Kew, for your name suggestions. I'm delighted with all the options everyone is helping me with!

  34. I've explored various gingers myself, and have two from liberty, one from White Lotus (they call "Ginger, Fresh" from Indonesia) and the Indo and Madag. ones from Liberty (all gotten about a year ago). I also have one from my local herbalist, Cheryl's herbs that is more smooth from some reason but when I added it to things it had a sharp quality the others did not for whatever reason. The one I use is the Indo. from Liberty because it is somewhat simple and not all over the place in the mix I like so it doesn't confuse the smell of the CO2 and absolute in there, which for some reason the one from Cheryl's did. All sorts of range in that one! I'm not sure if you have tried the White Lotus or the Cheryl's Herbs but I suspect you have the former..looking forward to hearing the results of this search.

    As far as what you call the ginger, I suggest Spice Ginger or Ginger Spice...simple. Matthew T.

  35. White lotus, two from Liberty (Mad. and Indo., from approx. a year ago) and one from Cheryl's Herbs. The last is the most all over the place and sharpest, and I prefer to use the Indo. from Liberty as its the most simple and sweet, although the one from WL is called "fresh". Looking forward to hearing your results!

    I would keep it simple and call it Spice Ginger or Ginger Spice...I'm betting that will imply dried enough. AG

  36. Hi Anya,
    I received a sample of "Ginger, Fresh MA" from Anatolian Treasures with my order a couple months ago....I must say this ginger smells just like fresh sliced ginger root to me. The other ginger eo's I have smell nothing like fresh ginger at all but have a nice "Warm" fragrance. How about the name "Exotic Ginger"?
    All good things,
    Sheree Tompkins

  37. I am a huge lover of fresh ginger Hmm, I have used fresh ginger root for at least 5 years in soap and perfumes and have used both you mention from LN several times!

    However, I switched over a year or two ago to ginger root CO2. I like it just as well as the fresh varieties both Indonesian and Madagascar from Liberty and it goes farther. I purchase it by the pound and if you would like a sample, let me know.

    I have also put fresh root in oil to macerate but it will eventually grow beasties due to the water content, likewise with dehydrated ginger pieces.

    As to the scent of the dried ginger EO, not many people actually like that scent and liken the dried root oil to musty, stinky feet, lol. I think saying something like ginger spice may allow people to get a visual image closer to the dried spice.

    HTH, Trace

  38. Maggie Mahboubian3/30/2011 12:15 PM

    I will contact Anatolian Treasures as I'm waiting for the fresh ginger I ordered last week. My decision to purchase theirs was based on the sample I received 1.5 years ago (from Indonesia) but I see their website shows the fresh ginger as coming from Madagascar. Thanks for highlighting this. I will compare the sample I have with the one I will receive. Obviously, the fresh ginger we all love comes from Indonesia. Could the supply have been disrupted by recent events? I see A Woman of Uncommon Scents has a CO2 extraction from Nigeria. That would work well for your foodie ventures!

  39. Maggie Mahboubian3/30/2011 1:58 PM

    As for names:
    fresh=hot ginger
    aged=cool ginger
    I see it as a yin/yang thing

  40. Thanks, AG, for your comments on the various suppliers and the name suggestion. I, too, loved the first Indo ginger I got from Liberty, but the new one isn't anywhere near as fresh and zingy smelling. I'm waiting for a sample of their Mada. one later this week. John of av-at.com swears he has a great one, so I'll get getting that, too.

    BTW, I have been solicited by South Pacific suppliers of it in the past year, but I wanted to save the hassle of importing it, thinking I could get a quantity from an American firm for a slight price hike. I don't think that's going to happen, so in the next few weeks, I'll contact suppliers in Indo, Sri Lanka, etc.

  41. Sheree, I think that's the sample I have coming my way from John at av-at. I'll post here, of course, when it comes in.

  42. Tracy, do you mind sharing your CO2 source with all the ginger-lovers who have posted here? We'll understand if you don't - sometimes folks like to keep a hard-sought-out source to themselves. I do it sometimes myself.

    Please email me privately if you wish to tell me the supplier. I did get one CO2 sample and it smelled like the dried root!

  43. Hi Maggie - I hope we're all going to be happy with the AV-AT ginger, since they are stellar suppliers! The only reason I would shy from AWOUS is that western Africa is closely identified with the peeled, sun-dried root oil.

  44. I just called Cheryl's herbs after smelling theirs again in comparison and finding it different, and they stated that it is from fresh..phone number 314-645-2165. Matthew T.

  45. Maggie Mahboubian3/31/2011 1:55 PM

    OK Anya, I was perusing the Enfleurage website because I know Trygve carries/makes Omani Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) and Christopher from White Lotus kindly sent me a sample of his discontinued hojari frank absolute which is sublime . . . anyway, I digress, but Enfleurage DOES purport to have a fresh ginger from Vietnam. I know they don't sell wholesale, but maybe she'd cut you a deal! Boy, now you've got me going . . .

  46. Hi Anya,

    The co2 I have now is from NDA. I have also tried EB but I am not sure if you only want an EO or if you would consider a co2.

    All the best,

  47. I said this in an email to you but just in case (and to be officially entered) look at Enfleurage in NYC. And for clarity despite the lack of poetics I'd just use fresh and dried as the descriptives for clarities sake.

  48. For sourcing, I would also White Lotus (plus, they are *so* nice!).

    As for the name, when I think of something aged, I think of it also as mature -- which then makes me think of words like "soft" or "velvety" or "smooth" or "mild." I also like colors/textures for names -- like maybe the fresher, zestier ginger could be called "Golden Ginger," and the milder one "Velvet Ginger."

  49. How about fresh v. sun-dried? I think sun-dried sounds more enticing than just dried or aged. And somehow "sun" has a warm, comforting, mellow association which is true to the scent.


  50. So, AG, I guess her supplier changed, or different stock came in. That's what happened to me.

  51. Hi Maggie: I have collected hojari for several years now - about seven. If anybody would have a great one, it'll be Trygve! About the ginger - I'll check with her. I need quite a quantity. Her Viet oils are sublime, but I haven't ever gotten any of the ginger.

  52. Tracy, Zee, Amanda and Laura - all good suggestions! I really appreciate folks taking some time to help me out. I got one ginger sample yesterday, another today, and I will see if the third comes in tomorrow.

  53. Hi Anya
    I source my fresh Ginger oil directly from my country Ecuador and it smells divine. I have some 200ml available and I may be able to have some more at the end of the month. How much do you need?

  54. Hi Anya,

    I skimmed through the 53 comments and didn't see anyone mention LEMUR International - http://www.lemurinc.com/index.html

    They are located in Richmond, CA (right near me) and someone brought me a sample of what I think was their organic ginger and it smelled really like the fresh ginger I had previously purchased from Liberty Natural. These are the only two places I've ever smelled the really "fresh" ginger from.

    You're getting tons of responses - that's great! Hope this helps.

  55. Maggie Mahboubian4/03/2011 1:08 AM

    My fresh ginger from Anatolian Treasures arrived and it is very nice. Very similar to their Indonesian sample. I also unearthed an old sample of fresh ginger from Liberty (at least 5 or 6 years old) that still retains its aromatic properties and it is zingier. I'd like to read your comments after you get your AT ginger. Please post!

  56. Hello Anya,

    What a wonderful response you're getting! I've recently contacted my distiller and asked for fresh ginger eo. They're looking into it. I'll let you know how and if it pans out.

  57. Winners win three samples of my perfume, their choice of fragrance, or one four milliliter bottle of one of my food and drink oils.

    And the Winners are:

    For the name: Michael for being the first to post "Sun-Dried", which is obvious and just good, common sense. Sure, I had mentioned sun-dried in my description, but for some reason had never thought to use it!

    For helping with suppliers: All who suggested suppliers were in the running for this! The winner is: Maggie M.

    The winning supplier, because the sample I received on Thursday was a great fresh ginger: AV-AT! John thinks perhaps a mispour occurred earlier when I ordered, and I got the Cochin, 'Sun-Dried" by mistake.

    I am ordering his Fresh Ginger in bulk for the Food and Drink line.

    I will be sampling all the others recommended here, because distillations can vary from year to year, and being picky and wanting to see what's out there is in my blood.

    So, Michael and Maggie, when you reply with your choice for your prize, please use the contact page on anyasgarden.com. You'll need to visit there anyway to see the perfumes. When I get your email addresses, I'll mail the list of oils I'm going to offer in my Food and Drink line and you can make a choice from there.

    Everybody was really a winner here: the suppliers who got mentioned, the readers, including those who posted comments, because it was a great learning experience, and me, because I got such great assistance! Thanks, everyone, and I hope you participate in my next giveaway.

  58. How about calling the aged ginger "warm ginger" and the fresh "spicy ginger"?


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