Saturday, March 05, 2011

Anya's Garden Perfume Kaffir Reviewed on Perfume Posse

I'm really going to be blogging a lot more, especially since I realize that I failed to mention Tom Pease's review of Kaffir perfume on Perfume Posse on February 7th! I did tweet about the review, calling it "stunningly accurate", but that's definitely not the same as posting here, on the blog.

Some of Tom's comments did stun me - in a great way.  To hear that my perfumes are his "armor" and "heartlessly chic", in the vein of Bandit, an iconic mainstream perfume was just wonderful.  Too often, we perfumers work in solitude, and yes, sales can indicate that customers love our creations, but we also don't get direct feedback, except from bloggers.

When I wake up every day, the first business thought on my mind is - how can I help my customers?  Sound odd.  It isn't, if you think about it.  Tom was helped by a perfume so feisty, that he felt it was like "Bandit" and provided him with "armor".  Most females, I would guess, would think of a more romantic or empowering experience when they wear my perfumes.  But I guess "armor" is empowering, of course, and a manly way of looking at it.

Would you please share with me your thoughts on what my highly unique natural perfumes do for you?  I hope to elicit responses that will give me some artistic keywords or nuances to work with.  Always working from the jumping off point of the beauty of the aromatic heart of the perfume, I think your feedback could help me focus in ways outside of my personality.

PS Mercy, I'm rusty at writing.  I can see it/feel it.  Hope you will bear with me as I get back inot blogging.  You can also suggest topics for blogs. Thanks, Anya.


  1. I'm not sure how well I can explain what exactly it is that such perfumes do for me, especially since I am still in the process of fleshing out my thoughts on the matter. But here goes.
    They make me remember. On an arguably superficial level they remind me of places, objects, or people. But more profoundly, at least to me, they often remind me of the state of mind I wish to have. Sometimes I need to be reminded to be confidant, at other times to be calm and centered, and every now and then just to smile. I can see thinking of it as armor. In a way, I think that's pretty close to what a "confidant" scent does for me. Maybe it's just another way of looking at the same thing. Anyway, that's what I've got for now. Hope it makes some sense. :)

  2. Kate, thanks for your feedback. Natural aromatics do have a way of linking us to past memories, that's one of their special qualities. From that point, we can forge ahead with our psychological "armor" or "mood" that they provide.


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