Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Perfumery course at Anya's Garden Natural Perfumery Institute

Earning a living as a perfume artist is the goal of every hobbyist, and it must start with well-made perfumes!
Be sure to check out the entire site to fully appreciate what is offered.

I can share my skills of perfume creation with you with in perfumery course I offer.  So far, just the basic course is offered, but next year the Intermediate course, which delves into refining your blending knowledge, along with scientific approaches, will be held at my studio, and also perhaps online. Then there will be a Graduate level that will also address the details of marketing and sales.
You can sign up now and start your studies immediately.  In February, there will be another semester sign-up for students who wish to study in a group, and any student can enter that group and move through the study modules with them.

I am available to the online students at any time to help with their studies. The basic course online enrollment includes lifetime access to the website so that you can take advantage of new material as it is added - and it's always being added, whether it's a new podcast, video, etc.

Offline enrollment is a great value, and, if the student wishes, can be upgraded to online status at any time.

Certification in Basic Natural Perfumery is rewarded upon completion of the course.

Now through Dec. 31st, the first Aromatics kit is included free-of-charge.

Natural Perfumers Guild members receive 10% off their tuition fee - see our current Discount page after you log in on the Guild site.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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