Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Perfumers - and the gift is another of Edmond Roudnitska's scanned articles

This is a wonderful article, from a Dragoco Report circa 1986.  Some of the parts of the article are a bit dated, yet much of it still has a lot of relevance to perfumers in 2010.  The title is The World of French Perfume. How did we get where we are? Where do we go from here? The link will take you to a page where other, previous articles are available for download, along with this latest one.

I had a bit of trouble scanning this article.  If I scanned it in color, to capture the beautiful illustrations, the text suffered.  I'm not an Adobe expert, and if anyone would like to help me rescan this, please contact me.  In color, it was 116MB, and in black and white, under 3MB.  The only problem is that the photos are very distracting in black and white, and will use a lot of black ink.

The article is scanned in landscape format, due to the size and orientation of the pages.  It will print out very nicely in portrait format.

Many thanks to Michel Roudnitska, who entrusted me with these article over a year ago.  I got so busy, and have been so frustrated with the Acrobat PDF problems, I only scanned four previous to this.  There is one more article, and then the series will be complete.

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