Thursday, December 16, 2010

Innovative Perfumery Raw Materials Supplier Ecomaat of Bulgaria has joined the Natural Perfumers Guild

Certified Organic products that include those used in perfumery, aromatherapy, medicine, and the flavorings industries.

In early summer, 2009, I contacted a Bulgarian aromatics supplier, asking for samples of some of their very exotic raw materials.  I was particularly interested in the lilac CO2, and some SCO2 extracts of rose alba, linden blossom and others.  I blogged about the lilac here.  I gave them feedback, and started a correspondence with them, as they were astounded they had gotten feedback - they say people either buy or they never hear from them again.  I felt they were innovative and taking chances, and I support any supplier in the industry who does that.  I do believe the lilac CO2 has a place in aromatherapy - the fleeting nature of the top note wouldn't matter too much if the psychological effect for a jolt of scent memory was all that was needed.

During the evaluation session noted in the lilac SCCO2 blog, the student and I also went through the other materials, and the linden blossom knocked us out.  The honey note was incredible, and since neither of us is familiar with linden blossoms, we took it at face value as a terrifically beautiful material.  

Imagine my surprise when, about a month ago, the folks at Ecomaat applied to join the Guild.  It's official now, they're Guild-approved suppliers and we welcome them and their gorgeous materials.  They don't just carry aromatics, they have a number of related products, including a UV-inhibitor I wish to check out.  I'll probably host a Guild group buy so that our members can sample Ecomaat's aromatics, some of which are not listed on the website.  I can easily see linden blossom and the rose alba on the buy. 

They also produce a line of bio-cosmetics under the Spa Maat line, and I must try some of them soon, they look wonderful!

Ecomaat and companies like theirs are to be commended for their pioneering spirit in the aromatics industry.  It's a positive sign that the natural perfumery industry will continue to be supported by this type of supplier who has a spirit to match ours - we will go forward in the 21st Century with even more raw materials than we could have dreamed of just a few short years ago.  I like to dream, and I encourage the folks at Ecomaat to keep those dreams going, beautiful, scented dreams.

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