Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Eight Gifts of Hanukkah - a perfume giveaway to celebrate Light

Anya's Garden Perfumes Celebrates the Festival of Lights with an eight-day perfume giveaway.

The Jewish tribe of the Macabees regained control of their temple in 167 B.C., and celebrated the event by lighting an oil lamp.  Despite the fact that there was only enough oil for one day, the lamp burned brightly for eight days.  This is the birth of the miracle of the Festival of Lights, known as Hanukkah, or Chanukah, and is commemorated each year.  Typically, foods such as latkes, a potato pancake, are fried in oil in remembrance of the long-lasting oil of the Macabees.

I was raised in a "mixed" household, where I was made to attend Catholic school, but where I was allowed to light the Hanukkah candles by my Jewish relatives, while often still wearing the Catholic school uniform, having rushed over after classes to attend the sundown ritual.

I'd like to up the ante on Hanukkah gifts, which are often responsible, everyday items like socks and sweaters, by hosting a giveaway of more Christmas-like gifts, such as perfume.  There! I've combined the two holidays in one. Well, sort of ;-)

To take part in the giveaway, you'll need to either join Anya's Garden Perfumes fanpage on Facebook, or if you're a already a member there, "suggest a friend" to join that page, and post about it.  Winners will be chosen from posting on the Facebook page between Dec. 1st and Dec. 8th, the eight days of Hanukkah.

You'll have your choice of any 3.5ml mini pure perfume from Anya's Garden to select from, and a sample of another perfume will be included.  You may also choose the 10-sample pack of pure perfumes, if you wish. Please let me know what you wish for your prize when you post. That's all there is - a fragrant bit of Hanukkah happiness may soon be yours, sincerely, from the heart of Anya McCoyberg (what my aunt used to introduce me as to her Jewish lady friends)!

PS: my latest perfume is Light - how cool is that - and my Temple perfume was reviewed today on Bois de Jasmin - a very nice coincidence!


  1. Mmm...I guess I'd like to select a perfume from your garden of offerings...some sublime blend that's Earthy for sure! Happy Hanukkah! ~Susan

  2. I'd love for myself a coconut scented/chocolate perfume. Don't care for flowery scents and often they I experience a bad reaction.

    Happy Hanukkah! Mine is nice, but a perfume in the scent I prefer, would make it nicer.


  3. My Hanukkah is nice, but it would be nicer if I had a coconut/cocoa/honey perfume.

    Happy Holidays.


  4. Hi Susan:

    Temple is very earthy, as is Pan. Maybe you could read some review on my website and see which one suits your mood.

  5. Well, StarFlower is quite chocolate-y, Cheryl


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