Sunday, November 28, 2010

Natural Perfume lovers: "there has never been a safer time to spray yourself in synthetic fragrance (even though no data exists for some 20-30% of fragrance ingredients). "

You know I can't take an outrageous statement like that lying down.  It comes from this poorly-written and poorly-researched article:

They don't allow comments there, but I welcome them here, where they will be out on the Internet.  Please post your feelings!


  1. Hogwash! That's what I say. I became over sensitized from using fragrance oils to scent my goat milk soaps. I still can't walk down the detergent isle at the store and if someone with a sythetic fragrance gets too close to me, I react to the fragrance and have to go outside to get away from it. Now, I do believe that there are people who have no reaction to the synthetics but I firmly believe that it is because they have not been over exposed yet....just give them time, they will soon understand.

  2. Please help me understand her point! Not sure if she had one,did
    she support either anything?

  3. Hmm, this article certainly was chirpy. I know many people who have become sensitized to commercial perfumes and have bad allergic reactions to exposure now. The last 3 clinics/doctors' offices I've been to have all posted "this is a fragrance-free office."

    And anyway, what industry representative is going to tell a newspaper reporter anything other than that their products are, of course, perfectly safe and better than [whatever else is out there]?

  4. Elaine Koronich11/28/2010 2:34 PM

    It is not a very well written or informative article - it poses a rhetorical question "Can I use perfume and be green?" and gives some thoughts for consideration by the green consumer.

    Maybe the NPG could respond to her byline "It might be time to bottle out of conventional synthetic fragrances" and suggest another eco alternative - natural perfumes from NPG members (who follow a code of professional ethics).

  5. I agree, it was poorly written and hard to get any conclusion. Too bad the RIFM quote is the most definitive statement in the piece.

  6. Hi Everyone:

    That article is poorly-written and the writer just seems to have "tried" to show both sides, but failed miserably. The RIFM quote is precious! It's so outrageous, it'll do more to harm them, IMO, than any other thing I've read lately.

    I will write her this week. I don't expect any outcome from it, but things do need to be said, e.g., natural perfumes do exist that are green, especially now that sustainable plantations and upstart farms are providing our aromatics, and many of us are harvesting our own plant material to make aromatics, ergo, lessening the carbon footprint, etc.

  7. The article is too wishy washy to for the reader to form an opinion one way or the other....

    I would say know your topic and then write about it...does her article support her title?

  8. When reading the title of this article and then the article...
    I come to the conclusion that the article did not support or define the title.

    What was the point she really wanted to make?

    I would say that it is a rewrite at best.


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