Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ask the Perfumer - Sunday, October 10, 2010 - 10 a.m. to 10 PM EST

I'm blending new perfumes today - what are you doing? Ask the Perfumer is open for this cool Sunday in Miami.


  1. Hi Anya! I was blending few things myself this weekend.

    My doubt of week is:
    I was building scent from 10% dilluted material. Since I still don't have precize scale, everything was made by dropper or for non liquid material with my eye.
    When I was happy with result, I put concetrated oils and cocoa abs. It smelled differently...Is it because of cocao? I put everything the same, but I had to dillute Cocao abs at that moment since I ran out of it... so I dilluted on 20-25% and I've put it in the perfume immediately. I put 4 times more than I did before (when everything was on 10%) so that it could be equal to my previous blend. But it didn't.

    I am sorry if I am confusing you... I am confusing myself as well :)

  2. Oh, I've been playing hookey today! Ankica, sorry for the late reply, and yes, I'm completely confused with your blend percentages, lol.

    Try to be consistent in your percentages, and always, always remember that some strong aromatics - and cocoa is one of them - can overwhelm a blend very quickly.


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