Thursday, December 31, 2009

Full Blue Moon, Perfume Swoon

The New Year - Two Thousand and Zen - and a Starry-Moon Full Swoon

I've had my nose to the grindstone. There are so many projects, all with varied needs and timelines, I haven't had time to "keep up" with much that's going on. I do have my google alerts set to let me know when "Anya's Garden" pops up in the Internet, and I had to stop and pay attention in the past few days when one after another, alerts came in.

I had no idea there was a "Best of the Best 2009" plan among perfume bloggers, but my goodness, am I the beneficiary of some lovely mentions by them! One after another they flowed:

From the lovely Elena at Perfume Shrine blog:

Best of Niche: Anya's Garden Starflower A gourmand with guts! Unusual combination, great lasting power for an all-naturals.

Anya's Note: I was one of a number of niche perfumeries mentioned, but surely the tiniest microbusiness of all, so this knocked me out.

From a devoted lover of Anya's Garden Perfumes, thoughtful Maria of Bitter Grace Notes blog:

Best New Perfume: Moondance from Anya's Garden, of course. This gorgeous white floral proves that a natural perfume can be easy to love and satisfyingly complex. It also confirms that Anya is an extremely versatile perfumer. It's amazing that the same woman who created Temple and Fairchild also produced the ethereal Moondance.

Anya's Note: Yes, Temple and Fairchild are fierce and independent perfumes, quite a diff, eh? ;-)

From the beautylicious Gaia of The Non Blonde Blog:

Anya McCoy of Anya's Garden, an all-natural, uncompromising perfumer, has already brought us Kaffir and Pan, two of the most interesting and non-traditional scents I can think of (the first is a lime and leather concoction, the second is all about goat). Her two newest perfumes, MoonDance and StarFlower and stunning in their power, magic and pure sensuality. They are a must-try for any perfume lover.

Anya's Note: Gaia pegged me - uncompromising and non-traditional. Hey, I have several facets ;-)

Finally, not a "Best of the Best 2009" participant, Kevin of Now Smell This blog did make a nice gesture in my direction:
“Wish Came True”: First, a wish I made in 2008 came true in 2009; Anya’s Garden made a perky cologne version of its Kaffir Eau de Parfum (thanks!)

My little perfumery is only 3.5 years old, although I have been making and selling perfumes since the early 1990's (they were oil-based then). I've created several private label perfumes and couture lines, and many dozens of custom perfumes, but aside from lovely reviews, I've never scored any "Best of" year-end awards. I must say I'm humbled and encouraged. And as Mandy said "should be over the moon" ;-) yes, the MoonDance can do that, lol.

Most of all, I'm so deeply, deeply happy that natural perfumes - because several other natural perfumers were mentioned on several blogs - have now surfaced as a luxury commodity, an artform that we pour our talents, time and hearts into, now is so well-recognized.

As we move into Two Thousand and Zen, my predictions for the New Year are all positive. Thank you, dear bloggers for being so independently supportive of my perfumes, and natural perfumes in general. I only hope I can encourage many other shy natural perfumers to get their perfumes, body oils, lotions, soaps and other gorgeous products into your hands so that you can become acquainted with them. The community of natural perfumers is small and rather shy, yes, and I had to force myself to mail out all the samples on my birthday, so that MoonDance and StarFlower could get into some noses that traditionally love mainstream perfumes that contain synthetics. Well, it paid off, big time for me, and I hope others follow my lead, and be more proactive with promoting yourselves.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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