Wednesday, April 08, 2009

White Sandalwood Oil + Full Moon in Libra = A Perfumer's Dream

I'm overwhelmed with the sultry, woody, spicy, balsamic, heavy, transcendent scent of the bottles of Santalum album, aka White Sandalwood essential oil that I've been pouring for the members of the Natural Perfumers Guild. Tonight there's a Full Moon in Libra, the sign of beauty, and sandalwood is in the Pantheon of glorious, gorgeous, sought-after rare and elusive beautiful raw aromatics for fine natural perfumery. My sign is Libra, so I feel the utterly exalting power of this historic, deep, balsamic oil. Being a rather sloppy "pourer" of raw materials, I managed to get about 2mls of this oil on either my hands or in the pouring tray, where it was easy to recover. So I just got to schmering it, to use a little Yiddish, in honor of Pesach, and I'm in heaven!

I also rubbed some on my shoulder, which was yanked out a bit today playing with the huge puppy I'm fostering, and the pain just melted away. Or maybe I'm just melting. I'm as tranquil as that moonlit river in the photo - serene, tranquil and reflecting(ive).

This is the second buy from Anya's Garden that I've put together for the Guild, sourcing extremely rare aromatics. Previously I received the only bit of the 2008 golden Boronia absolute that was parceled out to non-longterm customers. Now I've found a sustainable source of "old school" sandalwood untouched by the ecological, political or other negative issues found in Mysore, the historic home of the finest white sandalwood. I've been sourcing sandalwood oil, or at least buying directly from reputable retail sources, since 1974. This oil ranks up there with the best Mysore, and it just goes to prove that aromatic plant materials can be established far away from the original home base and manufactured beautifully by skilled people, giving rise to the hope that as some homelands disappear (for whatever reason) that others can be born elsewhere.

I may offer some for sale to the general public after the Guild members place their orders. I didn't have any extra Boronia, but I may have the sandalwood. I'm thinking of just buying more, I shouldn't pass up on this great aromatic - it's just so, so fine.


  1. Anya,
    This was beautiful. Being a Sandalwood lover myself I can not wait to get this oil. I'm sure if you start another buy that I will be in on it as well. I would like to publicly thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the guild and it members for the awesome buys that you have done.

  2. this was such a nice article to read, beautifully written aswell.
    the flowers you speak of are my favorite

  3. I'm so pleased to see that this is the same sandalwood that's used in sandalwood oils which i love the most.Thanks for all the
    great info.


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