Saturday, March 28, 2009

Anya's Garden Perfumes Kaffir Reviewed on I Smell Therefore I Am

I'm very touched that Kaffir Perfume, a Lime Leaf and Leather perfume from Anya's Garden, was reviewed on I Smell Therefore I Am on March 27, 2009 and received a rave. Abigail is a perfumista with a skeptical nose about natural perfume, and the diffusivity and longevity of Kaffir has won her over - horray! As she notes, so many think that when you say "lime" that it'll be like the citrus fruit, but no, kaffir lime leaf is an aldehyde of a different sniffa - a chemical tweak on the typical (-) citronellal, being a (+) citronellal.

I pushed the envelope with the opening blast of this unusual and fascinating citrus oil, and it's a great springtime scent because it embodies all the green sprigliness of the awakening of earth. Abigail then really "got" the leathery woody drydown, because after all that green hormonal surge and floral heart of sexiness, you need some good, unctuous long-lasting grounding ;-)

When Kevin of Now Smell This reviewed Kaffir last year, he said he thought it would be great as a cologne in a bigger bottle, and I'm working on this for a summer release. The EdT or Cologne strength will be a slightly tweaked formulation, with a lovely surprise. Stay tuned.

Now through April 4, 2009 - use the code kaffirlime at checkout and receive a 10% discount off any Anya's Garden purchase.

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