Thursday, August 14, 2008

Anya's Garden of Natural Perfume Launches First-Ever Handmade Recycled Paper Perfume Boxes Embedded With Wildflower Seeds - Flowers for You!

Anya's Garden Packages with Handmade Boxes Created from Sustainable Nepalese "Daphne" Plant and Recycled USA Fibers mixed with USA Wildflower Seeds

*plant and grow a wildflower garden with the box!*

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photo of Fairchild box taken in Anya's Garden Aug. 14, 2008, nestled in the branches of a flowering Aglaia odorata tree

As a natural perfumer, I searched for years for an ecological, sustainable way to package my fragrances. I wanted to source boxes here in the US to keep the carbon footprint as small as possible, and I wanted the fiber for the boxes to be from a sustainable, renewable source. The fiber source is not from the USA, but I am very happy that the harvest supports wildcrafters in Nepal. The Lokta plant is a relative of the Daphne bush, and it's bark must be harvested to insure the plant survives. No fertilizers or sprays are used on these wild-growing bushes.

The Lokta is mixed with recycled paper from here in the USA at 50%, and wildflower seeds are blended in and then handmade into boxes. I love the soft, fibrous nature of the paper, which you can see if you click on the image for an enlarged view. The paper box is acid-free and simple to turn into a wildflower mini-garden: just flatten it, put it in a pot or in the ground, cover with 1/2" of soil and water. Sun or partial sun for a good part of the day is necessary. Don't have much sun in your apartment? Give the box to a friend - or even better, a child - and let them grow the wildflowers.

Both the 3.5ml mini perfumes and the 15ml spray Eau de Parfums will be packaged in these "ecologically-green" boxes. Inside, stiff art paper made from recycled paper will nestle the bottles. The labels are printed on recycled paper.

In the future I intend to have boxes custom made with basil, sweet alyssum seeds or a blend of my own design. This is very exciting, and I feel that the brand is complete - a true green garden theme and product - everything, as much as possible, "from the garden."

To celebrate Anya's Garden launching the first-ever recycled, plantable wildflower boxes for perfume bottles, there is a 15% discount offered through the end of August. Just visit the perfume boutique at Anya's Garden and when checking out with your purchase, enter the word garden as the voucher code.

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