Monday, June 25, 2007

Taking Time Off to Do a Lot

This summer is busier than the past two summers, which were some of the busiest of my life. Lots of obligations in the perfume world, personal goals, and just too much on my plate! So, I've decided to really have down time every chance I can grab it, and the picture above sums up where you should look for me. I'll be there, lolling around, or nearby, having fun, instead of working on this blog.

Happy Summer, everyone!


  1. You enjoy, Blondchen.
    You work your pretty Libran butt off, all year 'round.
    So- Geh, gesundeh hayt,mayn shayningke.
    A lebn offn dayn shayne kop !
    MWAH !

  2. Rest and go on with your projects, dear. We will be waiting for you. Have a great summer full of creativity and fun!!


  3. Dear Anya,

    hope you get to have a wonderful-wonderful time and that by the time you return your batteries are completely recharged!


  4. Chayala, Helg, Divina -- thanks for the support as I try to ramp down from Type A personality a bit. Still very busy, but focused and learning to set boundaries!

    My beach and lounging picture is back, it disappeared from the post, and gave the impression that there was a complete vacuum going on, lol. Insert a pic in your mind of me just harvesting jasmine flowers as an alternative ;-)

    OR slaving in front of the computer, getting the millions of details together for the class.

    OR finding the perfect accords for the blends for my new frags

    etc., etc

  5. Thats looks so comfortable and exotic, I could leave today!


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