Saturday, July 01, 2006

Toot that Flute, Pimp that Breeze

My Pan is surprisingly gentle and universally rustic. No citified scent, this Pan. Green and herbal and fruity, he's the non-Metrosexual man/god. A nod to the base of male scent, the "in-heat", rutting or wild animal clamboring over rocks, frolicking in a field, dancing through a forest, playing the pipes, leading the ladies on his merry way. A humanized view of Pan from Jitterbug Perfume, made volatile and vaporous, softly clinging to the skin, almost too tame, in a way, but not if you recognize as Tom Robbins did, that Pan has lost a lot of his power, strength and yes, funk - in the modern world.

He played musical notes that seduced and caused others to be drawn to him, and is recognized as the basis of the Pied Piper of Hamlin story. I played with aromatic notes in his honor, notes of botanicals associated with him, his woods, herbs, grapes, and flowers, and I am very happy with the green juice. This perfume for men draws you in, with the subtle pheromones of the tinctured hair of a rutting billy goat the magnet. I do believe I am the first perfumer to use this substance in a perfume. Like most animal substances used in perfumery, it is rather revolting in it's pure form. Like those essences, once diluted, it transforms a perfume into something sublime, softening all the edges, helping the notes slide up and down the scale, and adding the right touch of animal power.

Pan will frolic around the world soon. Samples will be available the end of this month, the bottled juice soon after.


  1. Anya, congratulations on the new blog!
    I tried to leave a comment on the previous post, but it did not work. I am glad you managed to get the template and all set up!

  2. Ok, now that I read your Pan perfume entry - I am ever so curious to try it. I loved the billy goat tincture! The scent of goats is very pleasant to me. Probably because I have fond memories of the little kids - I liked to play with them as a little girl, and my dream was to be a little goat and jump on the rocks and eat thorny bushes all day...

  3. Anya, the blog is lovely, and kudos on the site - it's looking fantastic! :)

  4. Hi Anya,
    Good to see that you are blogging.
    Another gobbler of time, but a fun one.
    I am sure that the new website and perfumes will be a wonderful success. Looking forward to your official launch of Anya's Garden.
    Peace, Z...........

  5. Ayala -- some little girls dream of becoming ballarinas or nurses, lol.

    Katie -- thanks. I expect to change out a lot of the photos when I finally get it going. I'm the queen of soft launches, I've done it with three sites so far, because I get antsy.

    ZZ -- gotta keep that gobbler down. Spent a lot of time this morning on the Fairchild art, just futzing around and thinking of what to babble. Hope it all comes out coherent.

    Hey, I have no idea how to get my pic in my profile, and you all have it down pat. Jealous. Well, not so. I do need a new pic, or it's me and Lulu again (see botanist perfumer page on my


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